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When a German meets a Latino ...


The history of NO MERCY goes back to the beginning of the 1990s, when Frank Farian bumped into Marty Cintron. The New York-born performer with Puerto Rican roots was noticed by the successful hit producer in a music club on Ocean Drive in Miami. The German with his sure instinct for talent was immediately impressed by Marty’s vocal and guitar playing talents. He at once invited the musician to a rehearsal in his studio in Germany. Even before Marty had fully grasped his luck, he was sitting in an airplane on his way to Frankfurt.



From a solo act to a trio


Frank Farian and Marty Cintron decided to form a new band. The band’s characteristic trademark was intended to be the combination of great voices, supported by a distinctive guitar sound and the perfect presentation - requirements which demand the highest possible levels of professionalism and commitment from artists.


Marty Cintorn recommended the right people, his friends, the twins Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez from Cuba, who had been living in Florida since they were eleven years old. Marty had already known them for long time, and could point to their successes on the US pop scene. Ariel and Gabriel did like the idea of a band and started to work recording the first songs together with Frank Farian and Marty. NO MERCY was born.


For a couple of years now Marty Cintron performs by himself on stage which doesn´t make the show less worth as he´s a more than talented guitar player and singer – and able to fill the biggest venues.



Living with success


NO MERCY’s first album sold millions of copies. The worldwide number of fans grew proportionally to the units sold. It seemed as though everyone on each and every continent liked the melodic songs. Soon the unique NO MERCY sound became „the“ example worth striving for many many young and up-and-coming musicians. The band NO MERCY had achieved magical success within  a very short time, the kind of success that other young artists around the world dream of. Marty Cintron thinks that Miami is the perfect city for making music: „The colourful mixture of all the different styles, which is present everywhere and can be felt all over town, is the best atmosphere to write and compose songs in“, says Marty. „Miami is more than a city, Miami, is both an inspiration and a feeling for live“.


Marty Cintron is still touring the world with all the NO MERCY hits.


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