The Italian Tenors 

“Viva La Vita” – living the life. The Italian Tenors named their new album with a purpose – to regain passion and the Italian way of life. Furthermore they have drawn a line between popular Italian pop songs and classical music. The three handsome looking Italian opera singer Mirko Provini, Sabino Gaita und Evans Tonon starting with their second album a high-end interpretation of Italian pop and movie songs.


The three have performed professionally in operas for years, so it is all the more exciting for them to be able to combine their classical origins with their soft spot for pop music. Their début album "That's Amore" broke the boundaries of genres, conjuring up a glorious piece of art with the Tenors' very own musical energy, which fully captivates listeners.


For all of them it is an extremely exciting journey to connect their musical heritage with their passion for popular Italian music. It is incredible how three classically trained artists take a walk in the realm of pop music and have interpreted great Italian pop songs and canzoni in their own unmistakable way. “Viva La Vita” took a step further and exudes the Italian way of life.


Of course, such a blend between the two musical styles has been done before - but only The Italian Tenors can warm your heart after only a few notes. With their personality, their Italian charms and their tuned sophistication that is rarely ranked this high: the three extremely talented opera singers have taken the leap into another field and challenged to win the hearts of their audience. Mirko Provini says: “Our new album mirrors a wealth of emotions. We created a whole new and fired atmosphere with our interpretations of Italian pop songs. The melodically feeling of Bel Cantos, popular orientated music, is timeless and worked both in classical and pop music. And that’s what we wanted to show.”


The three never left their path while they’ve worked on plenty wonderful Italian pop songs. They arranged a musical adventure with passion and abandon combined with talent. “It is for us as Italians to create a breathtaking mix of passion and culture to build our own composed world. That’s always a concept of our work”, gushes Evans Tonon.


Magical moments await the audience, evoked by the opulently arranged fireworks of the sounds of those great Italian pop gems, charmingly and no less professionally celebrated by genuine experts in their field. This cocktail of multifaceted voices performing Italian hit songs with an international flair - this is what makes "Viva La Vita" an especially seductive musical experience, making (not just women's) hearts beat faster all round!


Brilliant, notable and exciting are just three adjectives the Italian Tenors can be described with. Their new album connects to their traditional sophisticated music, is a homage to Italian songs in generally and tries to bring passion and emotions to a fulminated expression. The tenors made sure that nearly forgotten jewels of Italian music culture were not missing, either. They put a dignified monument to the Italian way of life with their new album “Viva La Vita”.


Sabino Gaita, whose parents are from Sicily, was born in Milan, here he studied piano, clarinet and saxophone, before receiving his formal training as a singer. He has performed worldwide and lives now in Turin.


Mirko Provini was born in Luino, next to the Swiss border. He has studied sociology and education; and music at Milan’s conservatory.


Evans Tonon is a trained singer, actor, voice actor, and overall performer. He is passionate about all forms of entertainment, with a special interest in Broadway theatre and old black and white films.


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