The Spirit of FALCO - Hans-Peter Gill & Band  


The Spirit of FALCO is the ultimate LIVE CONCERT-EXPERIENCE Looking for worldwide audience.

Hans-Peter Gill lives FALCO! He became known on the show 'Germany's best Doppelganger' in 2003 on RTL. He presents as “FALCO” in the wax cabinet of Madame Tussauds.. He performed live for the first time on TV as a guest on the, Oliver Geissen Talkshow - in 2005 with “The Commissar” one of Falco’s famous songs. Hans-Peter Gill has been traveling with his band through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the following year, he had the artist Falco come alive with his live performance “ FALCO the SHOW” on Cable - One with "Emotional" the audience loved it. In 2012 he performed with the original FALCO band in the legendary Vienna U4, at the birthday celebration of Conny de Beauclair 60th in front of numerous enthusiastic fans.




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