It’s unanimous around the world! Major booking agents everywhere agree -
Vengaboys are without a doubt Europe’s #1 Party Act!
Vengaboys are back and hotter than ever. Since their global return in 2009 to
international stages, bookings for their nonstop world tour are up by
20% year-on-year. The result is an amazing 150 major shows per year with
lots of return booking requests.
Here’s what the press had to say about their recent string of sold out shows in
stadiums throughout Australia:
“Blown away with awesomeness!” – The AU Review“
“Raucous cheering, stomping and screaming – honestly one of the first genuine
pleas for an encore witnessed in a very long time...” – Tonedeaf
“An infectious party for all!” – Vulture Magazine
“Shouting, dancing, singing and just having a great time, and that’s an
understatement - it was more like a hectic huge 90’s party.” – Cooltry
The Vengaboys Live Experience showcases their multiplatinum hits Up & Down,
Kiss (When the sun Don’t Shine), We Like To Party!, Uncle John From Jamaica,
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!, We’re Going To Ibiza!, and Shalala Lala, along with
current Top-40 party hits that are regularly added to the mix.
The original members of the Vengaboys are a 'lean and mean party-machine' and
definitely know how to get the party on powered by insane outfits, live vocals,
and spectacular visuals for a night of full-on fun!
Around the world, eager fans are tuning into the raging foursome with over
250 million Vengaboys video views on YouTube and more than a million listeners
on their Spotify channel each month! And, there’s no shortage of followers jumping
in on Instagram and Facebook.
Fun fact: Every three minutes someone, somewhere in the world, mentions
the Vengaboys on social media.
The Vengaboys deliver a 100% satisfaction guaranteed live show, always
promising to blow off the roof for audiences wherever they perform.
Vengaboys - Europe’s #1 Party Act!


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