Artists Only   

 Artists Only is your competent partner when it comes to Artist

Management, Tour Management and Booking / Consulting.


"There are no problems – we only know solutions!” Anja Lukaseder

points out. “We are devoted to our job and we do attach greatest importance

to service, correctness, reliability, flexibility and quick response. We enjoy

working on our projects and stay calm whatever might happen. It´s our

ambition to create a convenient working atmosphere for both the artist and

the promoter.


In the long run it´s all about the audience! For only if those people on and

backstage are taking lots of pleasure in their work, this enjoyment will be

transferred to the audience.”



Booking and Consulting:

… also regarding booking and consulting individual support is our highest command:

intermediation and booking of international music acts by numerous contacts to direct booking agents or managements

consulting of corporate partners and promoters: which artist is exactly the right one for your planned event?

conception of i.e. corporate events: other than music acts we also dispose of lots of contacts to variety and animation artists.



Tour management

• in-depth scheduling

• intensive and continuous support

• service provider for artist and promoter

• granting a smooth workflow on both sides

• common experience and convenient working atmosphere for the artist, promoter and last but not least the audience

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