Jobassa has been performing for a couple of years. 2014 she toured through Germany’s clubs with her self-produced EP „Stop & Go“. As 2014 ended, she decided to take on a new challenge: The professional singer is searching for a possibility to expand her love for electronic music, dancing and live music.


Together with her new producer the first plans for her debut album and the new concept were forged. Following the example set by R’n’B and Pop artists, an experienced band and a professional dance crew are a part of Jobassa’s live shows.


Henry Stile, who can look back on references like Missy Elliot, Xavier Naidoo, Alex Prince and 50cent is taking care of the dance choreographies.


In November 2015, the album „One Million $ Girl“ was released via the indie label Soundpool-Records. The tracks are a unique blend of Pop, Rock, R`n`B and Funk.


Next to the shows in 2016 Jobassa is working on new song material at the studio. In november 2016 the new single "In My Fantasy" and the music video will be released.


After a successful China promotion tour  Jobassa announced her next album for autumn 2017!


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