Natascha Wright - ex La Bouche 

Pop-Music from the 90ies.

Known from the world famous hits like :BE MY LOVER ● SWEET DREAMS ●  FALLIN' IN LOVE & SOS.

After Melanie Thornton left the group in 1998 because of her decision to go solo,the sucessfull record producer Frank Farian known from for example hit groups like „Milli Vanilli“ & „No Mercy“ discovered Natascha Wright as the new leading lady of La Bouche.The South American singer who was already an established singer in the 90ies scene and toured the globe with popsinger Haddaway (What is love). For the European popstar D.J. Bobo she received golden records for singing lead vocals on the hits „Freedom“ & „Love Is The Price“

With the dancefloor Mega-Hits „Sweet Dreams“ & „Be My Lover“  La Bouche received international fame in the 90ies In Europe and in the USA and dominated the dancefloor charts for many months.


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